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The proprietor of Kanglanglin village in Daxiqian, the Second Sub-district of North Zhuqian in the Danshui Sub-prefecture, accused his tenant, a military shengyuan, of not paying rents in full. Based on the original land deed attached for official examination, he annotated and drew up the four boundaries of the land in the Houhu village, Shipaizi area, under his ownership on a map.The proprietor of a loaned land lived in the Kanglanglin village in Daxiqian of the no. 2 Sub-district of Zhu-bei made an accusation against his tenant, a qualified martial figure, of tax evasion. This is the annotated map of the boundaries of the loaned land illustrated according to the contract signed between the proprietor Guo Long-ming and the tenant. The map showed the boundaries of the loaned land at Houhu village in Shipaizi.

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