More Information about Document Delivery Services

Who is eligible to use this service?
Full-time faculty only

What kind of material is available through the service?
You can request journal article copies from the General Library (including department libraries) and Medical Library.

1.Set up an account
2.Make online request
3.Receive documents by email/ fax or pick up by yourself.

How will the documents be delivered?
Journal articles- 1. By Email 2. By Fax 3. Self pick-up


Fees & Payment
Journal articles- NT$3 /page (additional NT$2 if receive by email or fax)
Your account must have minimum amount of NT$100 and maximum NT$3000 to use the service.


How long will it take for the service?
Journal articles- By email/fax: 1-2 work days; self pick-up: 1-2 work days