NTU Library Books Recommendation System

User Guide to the NTU Library Book Recommendation System

Welcome to the NTU Library Book Recommendation System. Please read the following information before logging in. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

Note: The book recommendation service starts purchasing books after the annual budget allocation. If the current year's budget is exhausted and the new year's budget has not yet been allocated, the library will temporarily be unable to purchase new books. The recommended books will be referred to the relevant departments for evaluation and procurement in such cases.

General guide for recommendation

  • The NTU library collection development aims to support teaching and research requirements for the University. Faculty, students, and alumni are welcome to log in and recommend books. Each reader is allowed to recommend 10 items per month.
  • Please check the Library Catalog before you recommend any books.
  • To speed up the operation process, please try to fill in the information in all sections thoroughly and accurately. In addition, you can choose a recommended campus for where the book will be housed.

Priority reservation service

  • Faculty and students can choose whether they need priority reservations while making recommendations. Librarians will make the reservations for the readers according to the reservation regulations if library funds purchase the books. Alumni who have a library card can make online reservations after receiving an e-mail of a confirmed book order.
  • E-books, audiovisual materials and items restricted for use in the library are not available for reservation.
  • Books referred to departments for assessment will not be included in the priority reservation service due to the different acquisition processes.

Recommendation results

  • The library will use e-mails to inform recommenders of the final result of each recommendation. Readers may also click on the recommendation results to check on the status of their recommendations.

Further information

  • Books/ audio-visual materials: Such recommendations will be evaluated according to the library collection development principles. The library handles books on general subjects, and those on specific subjects will be referred to the relevant departments for evaluation and purchase.
  • When purchasing books in western languages, E-book versions will be prioritized.
  • If you have any related questions, please contact: tul@ntu.edu.tw
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