Main Library Discussion Room Reservation system instructions

Main Library Discussion Room Reservation system instructions

Main Library Discussion Room Reservation system :


NTU fcaulty, staff and students. The number of borrowers must be more than three (including three) and limited to eight.


How to Make a Request

  1. Please login in Discussion Room Reservation system with your NTU email account.
  2. Select the discussion room number and time slot you want to reserve, click "available" to reserve a discussion room.
  3. Users should be present at the Main Library Circulation Service Desk with at least three NTU IDs within the first 15 minutes of their reservations.


Device description

Discussion Room 344: a projector with a HDMI cable that can connect it to a laptop or notebook computer. To borrow the remote control of the projector, please go to the 1F Circulation Desk.

Discussion Room 346: a touchscreen computer with a whiteboard software. To project the screen of a cell phone or tablet onto the touchscreen computer, users can borrow a Wi-Fi display dongle from the 1F Circulation Desk.


  1. Those who cannot arrive in time to use their reserved discussion rooms must cancel their reservations beforehand.
  2. If users do not appear after 15 minutes, their reservations will be cancelled, and Library may suspend the reservation rights for one month.
  3. If the group contains fewer than 3 persons, the Library may stop a group from using a discussion room.
  4. Do not engage in activities unrelated to academic discussions in the discussion rooms; do not smoke, eat, drink, shout, or engage in other inappropriate actions.
  5. Please keep the discussion room clean. Do not move furniture into discussion rooms without permission. Users will be responsible for damages done to discussion rooms and the equipment inside.
  6. Users must notify the librarians at the Circulation Desk immediately once they finish using the discussion rooms.
  7. Other kinds of regulation violation will be dealt with according to library policies and regulations.