Find Research Collaborators @ NTU

NTU Topics is a tool which helps researchers to find potential collaborators in National Taiwan University (NTU), and it is also useful for supervisors to overview research topics affiliated faculties focus on.

There are two parts of visualization in NTU Topics:

To cope with different user scenarios, three perspectives to viewing research networks are provided. For an optimized experience, we recommend using following platforms with a desktop or laptop computer.

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Author Name

Input the name of an NTU author into the search box to view his/her potential collaborators in NTU, it will show the ego network of that author.

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Select the research topic on drop-down menu to make the network show NTU authors who have published works about the topic.

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Select a department, institute, or center in NTU on drop-down menu to view affiliated members in the network and the proportions of research topics or SDGs topics they focus on in charts.

The research topics mentioned above are “Citation Topics” provided by Incites database. Most of the documents indexed in Incites have been assigned a unique citation topic (more details and list of topics) and the SDGs topics was assigned according to the citation topic (more details). If you are an NTU author, it is highly recommended to get started on NTU Topics by searching and selecting your name into the search box below to view research and SDGs topics associated with your own works.