Long-Term Borrowing Services for Research Projects

Long-Term Borrowing Services for Research Projects

To respond to the research needs of faculty, the NTU library offers long-term borrowing services for books purchased for the use of projects funded under the National Science and Technology Council's Research Projects Budget and the school's New Faculty's Budget.



Books are catalogued immediately following library verification. The subject librarian will notify the requestor of the time for filing the long-term borrowing application.

Borrowing Period

3 years


Please contact your subject librarian.

Required Materials

  • Verification by the NTU Library Acquisitions Division:

    Processed according to the procedures for verifying library materials purchased by departments and institutes. Please prepare the original and a copy of the receipt with the requestor's stamped seal, three copies of the book list, and the research project number. At the completion of the verification procedure, check “Borrow All” on the book list and leave numbers for contact.

  • Credentials required:

    Faculty's ID card(In case of an assistant acting as the deputy, the assistant's ID card, along with the requestor's written authorization, must also be presented.)

Contact Us

If you still have other problems, please contact your subject librarian.