Tri-Library Loan Service

Tri-Library Loan Service

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National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology have introduced the Tri-Library Loan Service, so that eligible patrons from the three universities may use their university IDs to borrow books from the three university’s libraries.


The following members of National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology may apply for this service:

  1. Full-time faculty and full-time staff.
  2. Master’s students, Ph.D. students, and undergraduate students who are currently in school.


How to Apply

Patrons eligible for this service may apply onlineand agree to the transference of their library patron files to the other two libraries. The transference takes about 10 work days. Once the transference is completed, patrons may use their faculty/staff/student IDs to borrow books from all three libraries.

Circulation Rules

  1. Each person can borrow up to 10 books.
  2. Loan Period: 30 days; can renew each item once, or, in the case of NTU Library, renew limitless times with a maximum loan period of 60 days; cannot reserve books.
  3. Which items are available for borrowing is decided by the lending libraries.
  4. Late return and lost items: patrons should follow the regulations set by the lending libraries, and go to said libraries to pay the overdue fines or replace the lost items. Only when these processes are completed can said patrons regain their borrowing privileges.
  5. Patrons cannot go on leaves of absence or leave school if they have not returned all books and paid all overdue fines.
  6. For things not mentioned here, please follow the regulations of the lending libraries.


  1. This service can only be applied for online. If you need to borrow books from the other two libraries urgently, please go to the Main Library 1st floor Circulation Desk (Temporarily moved to the 2F counter) to borrow interlibrary loan cards.
  2. Please follow the circulation policies of the three libraries when using their resources. Violation of library regulations will be dealt with according to the policies of each library. Also, the loaning libraries may notify the patron’s affiliated library so that it can deal with the offense according to its own policies. Furthermore, the patron’s affiliated library may refer the case to the university’s student reprimand committee for further disciplinary action.

Contact Information

National Taiwan University Library 02-3366-2353,
National Taiwan Normal University Library 02-7734-5235,
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 02-2737-6195,