Open Access Publishing Support

Open Access (OA) Publishing Support


NTU library has agreements with academic publishers, such as Cambridge University Press, IEEE, Elsevier, etc. Authors in NTU can publish in open access (OA) journals in those publishers with free or discounted Article Processing Charge (APC).    


 1. The corresponding author is affiliated with National Taiwan University.
 2. Use your NTU email address when submitting your work to the publishers.
 3. After your manuscript has been accepted, choose the option for open access publishing.

OA Journals and Discounts

 1. American Chemical Society (ACS) without APC
 2. BioMed Central/ SpringerOpen with a 15% discount
 3. Cambridge University Press without APC
 4. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press without APC
 5. Elsevier with a 15% discount
 6. Future Medicine without APC
 7. IEEE Fully OA with a 20% discount
 8. Institute of Physics (IOP) without APC
 9. Karger Publishers without APC without APC
 10. Microbiology Society without APC
 11. PNAS OA with a discounted fee
 12. Portland Press without APC
 13. Rockefeller University Press without APC
 14. SPIE OA with a 25% discount

More about OA

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●  How Open is OA – About Open Content Licensing (1-minute video)
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