Library Organization

Apart from the General Library, the University Library system also includes the Law and Social Sciences Library and the Medical Library, located separately, as well as seven departmental libraries, namely, libraries for the departments of mathematics, physics, chemistry, atmospheric sciences, oceanography, biochemistry and library & information sciences. The General Library provides circulation and reference services, and centralizes the process of acquisition of books and periodicals, cataloging, and administration for all of the libraries. The Library Committee, comprised of professors from each of the colleges, assists the library service in expansion and development.  


 Library Contacts 

 Division Business Description 



  Phone Fax Email
Office of the University Librarian 3366-2286 2363-4344
Acquisitions and Cataloging Division 3366-2314 2369-3601
-Acquisitions Section      
-Cataloging Section      
Readers Services 3366-2353 2362-9860
Subject Services 3366-2326 2366-0786
Library Extension Services 3366-4551 2362-7383
Collection Services 3366-2334 2367-0748
Special Collections 3366-2346 2365-8911
Research Support 3366-2338 2369-3601
Information Technology Services 3366-2291 2363-4344
Administration 3366-2298 2369-3601
Social Sciences Resource Division (Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library) 3366-8300 ext.55600
Medical Library  2356-2207 



Division Business Description


Office of the University Librarian Personnel management, archives maintenance, advisory and coordinative affairs.
Acquisitions and Cataloging Division Library material acquisitions, gift, exchange, budget control, cataloging, and maintenance of the Library's bibliographic database.
Reader Services Readers services, including circulation services and interlibrary loan services​.
Subject Services Subject Dervices, Collection Development, Reference Services, Library Instructions.
Special Collections Collecting, preserving, and providing services for rare books, university publications, special collections.
Research Support To take advantage of the vast amount of data, including scientometrics and user data to create innovative value-added services for the university community, using bibiomining and bibliometrics techniques.
Information Technology Services Development and operation of library automation systems, network support.
Library Extension Services Library tours & instruction, information literacy, outreach services.
Collection​ Services Maintenance of Main Library materials except the special collections, management of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System​.
Administration Budgetary planning, management of library facilities, library safety affairs.
University History Affairs  
Medical Library  
Law and Social Sciences Library