Discussion room borrowing service

Discussion room borrowing service

NTU Library Space Management System : https://sms.lib.ntu.edu.tw/#/login 


  • NTU fcaulty, staff, students, and National Taiwan Normal Univ., National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology students who have applied for Tri-Library Loan Service.


  1. Number of borrowing persons : 3 to 8(2F、3F) or 3 to 10(1F)
  2. Borrowing hours:Up to six hours in one day, up to twelve hours in two weeks
  3. Readers who don’t check in within the first 15 minutes will automatically cancel the reservation and Library may suspend the reservation rights for one month.
  4. If a person with a reservation swipes their card at the checkpoint exit on the 1st floor before the end of the reserved time, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

How to Make a Request

  • Introductory videos:<How to book a discussion room in NTU Main Library>
  • Step 1. Discussion room reservation
    • (1) Log in to the system : https://sms.lib.ntu.edu.tw/#/login
      • i,Click on the space management system link enter into log in page
      • ii, Login with your NTU account
    • (2) Filter library and type
    • (3) Click「reserve」
    • (4) choose the borrowing period
    • (5)Select the borrowing date and borrowing start and end time.
    • (6) choose the room
      • i.Show the list of discussion rooms that can be reserved for the borrowing period.
      • ii.Select the discussion room you want to borrow.
    • (7)Enter companion information
      • i.Select the total number of users.
      • ii.Enter the name or student ID/employee ID of the companion(at least 2, up to 7 people).
      • iii.After entering, the name (including mask) corresponding to thestudent ID will be displayed for the registrant to confirm.
      • iv.The registrant and all the entered companions must complete the registration before they can use the discussion room.
    • (8)Main Library Discussion Room Instructions
      • i. Display Main Library Discussion Room Instructions.
      • ii.Click「I agree」to show the「confirm」button.
      • iii.Click「confirm」to next step.
    • (9)Process completed
      • i.Display main library discussion rom process completed.
      • ii.Click「ok」to complete the reservation and return to the personal page.
    • (10)reservation
      • i.The reservation can be viewed in「reservation」in 「my reservation」.
      • ii.You can also modify or cancel your discussion room reservation before you use.
  • Step 2. Discussion room check in
    1. Please go to check-in machine place to tap at least 3 IDs within the first 15 minutes of borrowing period and you can use the discussion room.
    2. According to the rules of discussion room, those who don’t check in within the first 15 minutes will automatically cancel the reservation and Library may suspend the reservation rights for one month.
  • Step 3. End of Discussion room use
    • You can click of the system before you leave discussion room.