Delaying Public Access to Thesis/Dissertation

NTU Thesis/Dissertation: Delaying Public Access to Thesis/Dissertation

1.According to Article 16 of the Degree Conferral Act, theses should be accessible to the public in principle, for academic circulation and sharing. The thesis/dissertation will be made available to the public at the NTU Library and the National Central Library, in the form of printed documents or electronic data files.

2. If, however, the thesis/dissertation involves confidential information, patent matters, or cannot be provided on statutory grounds, and the author therefore intents to delay public access to the work, he/she must fill in the Application Form for Delaying Public Access to Theses/Dissertations. The application forms should be attached with supporting documents (click here for Office of Academic Affairs' comprehensive guideline), and submitted together with the thesis/dissertation prints to the NTU Library. If there are no available supporting documents, a self-written declaration signed by both the student and the thesis/dissertation advisor(s) can be provided as a supporting document (no specific format required, please refer to the Office of Academic Affairs' "Declaration(聲明書)" if necessary). Each of the application forms and the statements should be signed originals, but e-signatures are acceptable. 

3. The delay of public access to thesis/dissertation should be a reasonable period of up to 5 years. Applications for more than 5 years shall be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs, NTU. For abovementioned application, please submit Application Form for Delaying Public Access to Theses/Dissertations (For delay period of more than 5 years) to the Office of Academic Affairs.

◆ Delay period of no more than 5 years: submit thesis prints, authorization letters and application form altogether to the library.

◆ Delay period of more than 5 years: submit thesis prints and authorization letters to the library, and the application form to the Office of Academic Affairs. (For graduates of College of Medicine and College of Public Health, please submit the application form to the Branch Office of Academic Affairs in the College of Medicine). In this case, please kindly inform the librarian of your delay application when delivering the thesis prints.

4. For alumni who intents to restrict public access or change the release date to his/her thesis/dissertation, please contact the Division of Readers Services, NTU Main Library. 2 application forms are required, for NTU and National Central Library.


  1. Division of Readers Services, NTU Main Library: 02-3366-2366
  2. Office of Academic Affairs, NTU: 02-3366-23-88 #405
  3. National Central Library: 02-2361-9132 #871


For the Electronic copy of a Thesis/Dissertation

1. When uploading the electronic file of his/her thesis/dissertation, a graduate student should fill in the information concerning copyright authorization and the date on which the work is to be open to public access. The NTU Theses &Dissertation Copyright License Agreement will be emailed to the student. The student should print the form out, put in his/her signature and submit the form to the Library before leaving school. However, the date for public access on the form pertains only to the electronic copy of the thesis/dissertation. If the author wishes to delay access to the print copies, he/she should follow the application process detailed in the section above.

2. If an author wants to change the content of his/her copyright license or the date on which his/her thesis/dissertation will be open to public access, he/she should fill in the required 「National Taiwan University dissertation Altering Copyright License Authorization application form」and submit it to the Readers’ Services Division of the NTU Library.