Nationwide Document Delivery Service

Interlibrary Loan Service 


Nationwide Document Delivery Service


1. Introduction

Through the Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS), patrons can request for on-line interlibrary loan services or search national serials union catalogs after obtaining a patron account.



2. Applying for Interlibrary Loan Services

Step 1: Apply for an interlibrary patron's account. (Skip this step if you already have an account.)

On the Library's homepage ( ) click 「Services」 →

「Interlibrary Loan Service?」 →「Nationwide Document Delivery Serivce」 →Website: 「Apply for Patron's Account」 under 「For Users」 (fill in accordingly.)

Only NTU faculty, staff, and students may apply. (You will receive an automatic e-mail notice once your status has been verified.) The application takes one business day to process.You may also contact in person to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Main Library.

Step 2: Apply for interlibrary loan services.

On the NDDS homepage click 「Submit ILL Application」 under 「For Users」. After logging in, you may select the type of service you require and fill in all required information. Under 「Domestic Resources」, you may choose 「Photocopy Journal Article」, 「Photocopy Book/Conference Papers」, 「Photocopy Theses/Report」, or 「Book Loan」; under 「Foreign Resources」, you may choosePhotocopy」 or 「Book Loan」.

Step 3: We will process the services you request upon submission of your application. An automatic e-mail notice will be sent to you once the materials you requested arrive. All fees must be paid upon pick-up.


3. Union Catalogs Searches

Patrons may use NDDS to search catalogs in Taiwan, including Western Serials,Taiwan Serials, Mainland China Serials and Japanese Serials. Check to see which library houses the journal you require.

If you have questions, please contact the NTU Library Readers Service Department.
Tel: 3366-2328 or E-mail: