NTU Library General Regulations

NTU Library General Regulations

[Article One] National Taiwan University Library (NTU Library) has established the following regulations to carry out the functions of a university library, ensure the fair use of its resources and equipment, and maintain a peaceful environment for reading and research inside its premises. 

[Article Two] Readers should enter the Library during the opening hours, and with the following types of valid IDs:

  1. Identification cards, student ID cards, retiree ID cards, and alumni cards issued by NTU.
  2. Library cards, alumni library cards, or interlibrary loan cards issued by NTU Library.
  3. Visitors (ROC citizens):National Identification Cards, driver's licenses, and National Health Insurance Cards issued by the Republic of China, or other valid photo IDs. Upon entering, these IDs will be exchanged for NTU Library temporary library cards.
  4. Visitors (non-ROC citizens):Passports or other valid photo IDs. Upon entering, these IDs will be exchanged for NTU Library temporary library cards.

[Article Three] Visitors must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Library, except for the following two instances: 

  1. College students under the age of 18 can enter the Library with their student ID cards.
  2. NTU students can bring their children under the age of 6 into the Library after application.

[Article Four] Due to limited seats in the Library, there is a limit on the number of visitors allowed in the Library at the same time. When reached the limit, visitors seeking to enter the Library must wait to enter when other visitors return their temporary library cards. Visitors are not allowed to take their personal books and backpacks into the Library, and should store them in lockers. When visitors leave the Library, they must return their temporary library cards and retrieve their IDs. 

[Article Five]  NTU alumni can use alumni cards to enter the Library and access the collections. Alumni can use the Study Room except during the examination periods. If alumni need to borrow books, they must follow the "National Taiwan University Library Alumni Reading and Borrowing Regulations". Visitors can enter the Library and access the collections, but can neither check out materials, nor use the Study Room.

[Article Six] Readers entering the Library should abide by the Library policies and regulations. Any violations will be handled according to the National Taiwan University Library Regulation Violation Policy.

[Article Seven] Readers should abide by the relevant rules and regulations when using the spaces, equipment and collections on all floors of the Library. 

[Article Eight] Temporary library cards should be kept safe. If readers lose their temporary library cards, they should immediately report the loss to the Circulation Service Desk and pay a replacement fee of NT$ 200. The Library is not responsible for the safekeeping of the IDs that are not retrieved by their owners before closing time. 

[Article Nine] NTU Branch libraries may set their regulations due to their requirements, and once these regulations are passed by the Collegiate/ Departmental Library Committee and the Library work meetings, readers must abide by them.​

[Article Ten] The NTU Library General Regulations will be implemented after being passed by University Library Committee.