Course Reading Lists Service

Course Reading Lists Service

  Go to NTU COOL to create Course Reading Lists  

Course Reading Lists enable instructors to list the books (including e-books), audio-visual materials, and other types of reference resources that students must read course reserves or reference materials. Please refer to the following instructions .

Instruction(For faculty only)

    1. Create Course Reading Lists
      • (1) Log in to NTU COOL and choose a course
        • Faculty who do not use NTU COOL can log in to the Leganto system to create Course Reading Lists. See Step 4 for further introduction
      • (2)Toolbar setting to display Leganto
        • After clicking "Settings" on the left toolbar, select "Navigation" from the tabs above
        • Move "Leganto" upwards and "Save" the setting
      • (3) Click the Course Reading Lists system Leganto on the left toolbar
      • (4)Create a new course in Leganto system
        • Select “Academic department”
      • (5)Create a new reading list
        • Click on CREATE IT
        • Select a default template
      • (6)Manage collaborators
        • You can add other instructors or Subject Librarians as collaborators to edit the list together
    2. Adding items to Course Reading Lists
      • (1) Click on NEW SECTION to manage the process by chronology or citation type
      • (2) Click on ADD ITEM+ to add citations from the library or other scholarly sources, online bookstores, or many websites:
        • Library Search
        • Blank Form / Upload a File
          • Create item by yourself or upload files
          • Please be sure to confirm the copyright clearance when uploading files
        • Collection
          • Add items from the Collection that you have collected to the list
        • Use Cite it! bookmark tool to add items directly from websites
      • (3) Click on LIBRARY REVIEW after finalizing the list, and the library will process it
    3. Show Course Reading Lists in NTU COOL
      • (1)Create a module or use an existing module on the Home page, and click on + Add Item
      • (2)Add Other Teaching Material from the drop-down menu
      • (3)Select Leganto - Course Reading Lists Service
      • (4)Choose the whole list, section, or single item and confirm
      • (5)Confirm that the list items, module, and course are displayed as "Published"
      • (6)After the library processes the course reading list and its status changes to "Published," students can view the list
    4. Additional introduction: Create Course Reading Lists by Leganto system
      • (1)Log in to Leganto system
        • Log in with your NTU Email Account
        • Off-campus connection: Please log in to NTU VPN in advance
      • (2)Create a list
        • Click on +NEW LIST
        • Select a default template
      • (3)Associate a list with course
        • Associate your list to the relevant course
        • If the relevant course name is not found, please skip this step or contact Subject Librarians
      • (4)Continue according to Step 1. (5)


  1. If the listed resources are physical collections (including books and audio-visual materials), items will be placed in the designated Course Reserves areas and in-library use only.
  2. The library will publish the Course Reading Lists on the system after processing with notification to the faculty. Resources that are part of the library collection can also be available on the library SLIM system.
  3. Instructors who provide personal books for course reserves must notify if they would like to donate the books to the library and hand the books to the Subject Librarians. Please provide handouts in bound format.
  4. Please make the Course Reading Lists application as early as possible to ensure the librarians can process the requests in time.
  5. Students can log in to NTU COOL to view the course reading list in the course or log in to the Leganto system with their NTU Email Account and click on FIND LISTS in the upper left corner to browse or search course reading lists.

How to Use Course Reserves?

  1. For Main Campus:
    • Books: In library use only. Please refer to the Course Reserves area on the 3rd floor of the main library.
    • Audio-Visual materials: Please refer to the Audio-Visual Course Reserves area on the 1st floor of the main library and use them at digital media commons. If the materials are in the VOD version, they can be viewed through the Multimedia@Online system within NTU campus network. As for materials with home-use version, they can only be checked out and the borrowing period is shortened to one day.
    • For more information: Course Reserves Services
    • For the classes of Social Sciences and Law Colleges, please refer to the Library of Social Sciences College (Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library) or Law College Library for course reserve books.
  2. For Downtown Campus:
    • For the classes of Medical and Public Health Colleges, please refer to NTU Medical Library for course reserves.

Contact Us

Please contact the Subject Librarians for details.