Interlibrary Loan Service Applications for Off-Campus Patrons

Interlibrary Loan Service Applications for Off-Campus Patrons




If you are a student or affiliate of another university, a hospital, or a company whose library has an interlibrary loan agreement with the NTU Library, you may apply online via the Nationwide Document Delivery Service. Please contact your library if you have any questions.

If your institution is not a member of the interlibrary loan community, or if you are currently not affiliated with any institution, copies of journal articles may be obtained through the following channels:

1. Taipei Public Library

Applications may be done in person or online. A Taipei Public Library Card is required.
  1. Applying in person: Fill out a form in the Taipei Public Library, 3F Reference Room.
  2. Applying online: Using the Nationwide Document Delivery Service, apply for an account and fill in "Taipei Public Library" under the "Department" field. After your account is verified with the Taipei Public Library, you may apply for copy services online.
The fee is paid at the Taipei Public Library, 3F Reference Room, upon pickup.

Tel: (02)2755-2823, Ext. 2301
Address: 125, Sec. 2, Jianguo S. Road, Taipei
For details please visit: 

2.National Central Library

Applications must be done in person in the National Central Library, 2F Reference Room.
Fill in an application form for copy services offered by institutes in Taiwan.
The fee is paid at the National Central Library, 2F Reference Room, upon pickup.

Tel: (02)2361-9132, Ext. 236
Address: 20, Zhongshan S. Road, Taipei
For details please visit:

3. Science & Technology Policy Research and InformationCenter (STPI)

How to apply

  1. First register on the STPI website for a guest username and password.
  2. Use this username and password to fill in the "Full-text Application Form" online.
Articles in the STPI's collections will be directly copied and sent to you. Otherwise, the STPI will apply to other institutions.
If you are know for sure that the NTU Library has the article you are searching for, please fill in the appropriate column for the STPI's reference.


  1. The materials you requested is generally sent via post. Please refer to the website below for other methods.
  2. The fee is paid monthly. You will receive a bill from the STPI via post notifying you to transfer the payment electronically.

Tel: +886-2-2737-7638
Address: 15F, 106, Hoping E. Road, Sec. 2, Taipei 106
For details please visit:




NTU Library Interlibrary Loan Fee Schedule

  1. Books: NT$130 each (limited to interlibrary loan agreement partner libraries). Books may be borrowed for three weeks and may not be renewed. Overdue fees are NT$5/day per book. Books are sent by registered mail or package.
  2. Photocopies: NT$6 per page (sizes A4, B4, A3). with an additional NT$20 service fee. 
  3. Special collections and micro-information housed on the Library's fifth floor do not process interlibrary loan applications. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  4. Urgent requests may be processed within three business days. 
  5. Duplicates of theses and Dissertations may be borrowed. Those with copyright permission allow copy of the entire text. For those with permission for partial copies, only one-third of the text may be copied. (Three consecutive requests are not processed.) Those without permission may not apply. Theses and dissertations are sent by registered mail.