Interlibrary Loan Card Services

Interlibrary Loan Card Services

In order to expand the resources of NTU faculty, staff and students, the NTU library cooperates with other domestic libraries and provides current faculty, staff and enrolled students with Interlibrary Loan Cards.
Cooperating libraries list

1. During library opening hours, readers may borrow interlibrary loan cards in person with their NTU ID cards at the Circulation Desk on the 1F of the Main Library.
2. Each interlibrary loan card can check out up to 5 books/items, and the loan period is 3 to 4 weeks (depending on the rules of the cooperating libraries). However, renewal and reservation services are not provided.
3. The interlibrary loan cards for libraries in the Taipei region should be returned to the 1F Circulation Desk in 3 days, and the cards for libraries in other regions should be returned in 7 days.
4. Readers should return the books/items they borrowed from cooperative libraries by themselves before the due date.

Readers may use the Three Interlibrary Books Return Service to return the interlibrary loan books/items belonging to the National Taiwan Normal University(臺灣師範大學) and National Chengchi University(政治大學) . To do this, readers should bring the books/items to the NTU Main Library and the Medical Library circulation desks at least 3 working days before the due date. The NTU library will collect the books and return them to the cooperating libraries. If there are less than 3 working days remaining before the due date, readers should return the books/items to the cooperating libraries by themselves.

Other things to note:
1. Readers are not allowed to borrow interlibrary loan cards when their NTU library borrowing privileges are suspended. Reasons for suspension include overdue books, unpaid overdue fines in their library accounts, violation of library regulations, or being on a leave of absence.
2. Readers are also not allowed to borrow interlibrary loan cards under the following conditions and will have their library borrowing privileges suspended as well:
A. Overdue interlibrary loan cards.
B. Overdue books/items or unpaid overdue fines in cooperating libraries.
3. If books/items are overdue, readers are liable to overdue fines according to the loan policies of the cooperative libraries.
4. Please take good care of all checked-out books/items. If any book/item is damaged or lost, the reader will be responsible for them according to the regulations of the cooperating libraries.
5. Readers should keep the interlibrary loan cards in good condition. Please contact the Main Library Circulation Desk as soon as possible if any loss or damage occurs.
6. Readers must abide by the loan policies and regulations of the cooperating libraries.
7. Readers must abide by the Copyright Law.

Please contact 02-33662353 or email to if you have any questions.