National Taiwan University Long Term Locker Rental Policy

National Taiwan University Long Term Locker Rental Policy


Passed at the 218th work meeting, March 7, 2006

I. Objectives:

In order to facilitate the reading and studying of teachers and students in the National Taiwan University Library (hereafter referred to as “the Library”), long-term locker rental service is provided in designated areas and NTU Library Long-term Locker Rental Policy is as follows:

II. Eligibility:

The Faculty, staff, and students of NationalTaiwanUniversity are eligible to apply for long-term locker rental.

III. Appointments:

1. For faculty, staff, and students who are eligible, please log onto the Library’s website and enter the Long-term Locker Rental Online Management System. Complete the online rental application and provide the accurate information to make an appointment. After your application for appointment is successful, please print the confirmation slip. Bring your Confirmation Slip to the Library Administration Department Service Counter within 5 days to complete your locker rental application and pay the fee, or your appointment record will be canceled. A valid faculty, staff or student ID must be provided for your application to be processed.

2. Appointments for locker rental have a maximum length of six months. To ensure equal access to this service, only one locker is allowed per appointment.

3. Those currently renting a locker can only make another appointment seven days prior to the expiry of their current rental.

4. Applicants can choose their own locker numbers, or use those assigned by the Library’s system.

IV: Locker rental application service hours:

Applications are processed during office hours(Monday to Friday)from 8:30AM-5:00PM at the Library Administration Department Service Counter. Applications will not be processed on school holidays, weekends, and national holidays.

V. Rental terms and rates:

  • Lockers are rented on a monthly basis for up to six months. Applicants can choose to pay monthly or semi-annual rates.
  • There are regular-sized lockers and full-sized lockers. Rental rates for regular-sized lockers are NT$150 per month or NT$800 for six months. Rental rates for full-sized lockers are NT$200 per month or NT$1000 for six months. The rental payment is non-refundable. Once payments are made, locker numbers cannot be changed.
  • To protect the rights of those renting lockers, the identity of those renting must be verified prior to rental. Library staff will be there to assist with initial access to the locker. Once the rental application is complete, those renting lockers are responsible for putting locks on the lockers and remembering access methods. Unlimited access to the rented locker is allowed during the rental period.
  • Should the key or combination to the locker be lost during the rental period, those renting lockers should seek assistance in opening the lockers from the Library Administration Department. The locker will be opened by the Administration Department once the identity of the person renting the locker is verified. This service is free for the first time, but NT$50 will be charged each time after this starting the second time.

VI. Rental expiration procedures

  • Those renting lockers will be notified seven days prior to rental expiration, or a notice will be posted on the locker. Please vacate the locker on time, or it will be emptied by the Library once rent expires.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of the contents removed from the locker. By applying for locker rental, the renter agrees without objection that contents that are not retrieved within 14 days from expiration will be disposed of in a proper manner by the Library.

VII. Prohibited articles and disclaimer

  • For public safety and sanitary concerns, flammables, corrosives, and other dangerous goods as well as perishable foods are strictly prohibited in the locker. The Library reserves the right to open lockers for security checks and videotaping. Those renting lockers are responsible for any damage to the locker. Those who violate rental policy will face immediate termination of locker rental and will be deprived of locker rental appointment privileges for three months.
  • The locker rental service is provided for your convenience and is a service. Those renting the lockers are responsible for making the best use of this service. Lockers must be properly locked. Please do not place any valuables in the locker. The library assumes no responsibility for lost articles.

VIII. Should this policy be found insufficient, related rules and regulations apply.

IX. This policy has been passed at the working meeting of the Library and should be implemented accordingly. The same applies for any revisions and amendments that may be made.