Rare Books Collection in Western Languages


Rare Books Collection in Western Languages


<Tanaka Collection>


An endowment named in honor of agriculturist and NTU professor Dr. Tyozaburo Tanaka (1885-1976) supports more than 3,300 valuable books on botany and horticulture including incunabula from the late 15th century.


<Huart Collection>

The Huart Collection, named after Clement Huart (1854-1926), a famous French scholar in oriental study, was acquired in 1929. The collection, covering subjects such as oriental linguistics, geography, history, etc., contains over 2,200 volumes in a variety of European languages and Arabian.

<Philosophy Collection>

The library's Philosophy Collection contains 8,639 pre-1900 volumes of classical philosophy works in English, Japanese and European languages.

<Ogawa Collection>

The Ogawa Collection, named after Hisayoshi Ogawa (1869-1947) who was a linguistic professor of Taihoku Imperial University (the antecedent of NTU), contains 445 books focusing mainly on linguistics. The collection even includes several language editions of the Bible.

<Otori Collection>

The Otori Collection was built by Keisuke Otori (1832-1911) and his son Fujitarou Otori (1865-1931). More than 1,100 volumes, including some 16th to 17th century works, document oriental history, geography, and religions.

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