Multimedia center

Multimedia center
Multimedia Center Website ( in Chinese)

The NTU Library offers a wide variety of auto-visnal media services in the Multimedia Services Center located on the 4th floor of the Main Library. You can pick up a film or a music CD from the shelf at the center. You canalso use a group viewing room with three to five friends there. Parts of audiovisual media are available for checking out.

Selective cable TV programs

You can watch the selective cable TV programs without any registering procedure at the center. The center provides 14 channels including CNN, Discovery, National Geographic, Travel & Living, HBO, ESPN, NHK, among others. You are free to choose any channel you like.

Using AV materials

In addition to the educational and course related multimedia materials, the center also provides many classic movies and animations. To view a film at the center, please take it to the counter and register there. After finishing the procedures, you can choose a comfortable carrel and enjoy it (only public presentation editions). Excluding the items used only at the center, some AV material is available for checking out. You can borrow four items for three days. To borrow the materials, please contact at the center service desk.

NOTE:The items of the center are divided into either public presentation edition or home edition. The use condition is different between the two.

Listening to music

In addition to checking out music CDs, you can also use music listening carrels near the windows of the center. The center provides 30 radio music programs including jazz music, popular music, classical music, and piano music, among many others. You can listen to the music and watch the view outside the window.

Group viewing area / rooms

Using the group viewing area / rooms, there should be at least three persons. You can make a reservation online. Welcome to the center and watch movies with your friends.

NOTICE: Only the collection of the center could be viewed at the center. Personal AV material is not allowed to be played in the center.