NTU Library Study Carrel Regulations

National Taiwan University Library Study Carrel Regulations

Several single study carrels in NTU Library are available for loan to eligible users. These carrels provide a quiet and private place to do research and study.



Current NTU full time faculty, research fellows, postdoctoral fellows and Ph.D. students are eligible to apply for library study carrels.



Applicants login <NTU Libary space management system> to reserve study carrel. The length of each booking is restricted to 14 days minimum and 30 days maximum. 


Terms of use:

1.  Carrel users should use the carrels they booked, neither lending nor swapping their carrels with other people. Offenders will have their booking privileges suspended for 3 months.

2. Carrel bookings can be renewed on the last 3 days if the SAME carrel is available . Carrel applications will not be accepted if the applicant already has a carrel in use or booked in advance.

3. Carrel users should check out of their carrels before their booking sessions end. To complete the check-out procedure, users must remove their personal items from their carrels. If there is any damage to the furniture or the other facilities in the carrels, users should take responsibility for replacement, and their booking privileges will be suspended for 3 months. 

4. Library staff will remove a user’s personal items if he/she doesn’t check out on time, and the Library is NOT responsible for keeping them. In addition, the user’s booking privileges will be suspended for 3 months.

5. Applicants should check in within the first 2 days of their booking sessions. If applicants don’t check in by said time, their bookings will be cancelled.

6. Carrel users should place their NTU IDs near the carrel door card readers to open the doors during their booking sessions. Based on users’ entrance records, the Library will calculate their usage rates, which is “days of entrance” divided by “days of the booking session”. The usage rates should meet the minimum requirement of 50% or the users’ carrel privileges will be suspended for 3 months.


Carrel hours:

Same as the Main Library opening hours.


Library materials use in carrels:

1. Carrel users may store Library books checked out to their personal accounts in their carrels.

2. Materials not checked out should never be kept in carrels and will be removed if found. In addition, a warning notice will be issued to the offenders, and they will have their carrel privileges suspended for 3 months if a second offense occurs.


Special notes to users:

1. Carrels are strictly for academic use only.

2. Please keep quiet in the carrels. The carrels should be kept clean and tidy at all times. Any displacement of furniture/equipment in the carrels or covering up the windowpanes on the doors is prohibited. Do not eat, drink, smoke or perform other inappropriate actions inside the carrels. Offenders will be punished according to Library regulations and have their carrel privileges suspended for 3 months.

3. Do not leave any valuables in the carrels; the Library is not responsible for any loss of personal property.

4. Library staff has the right to inspect the carrels at any time without the users’ permission. 

5. Library reserves the right to ask carrel users to check out of their carrels when necessary.

6. Carrel users should turn off the lights and close the doors when they leave the carrels.


Please contact 02-33662353 or email to tulcir@ntu.edu.tw if you have any questions.