Procedures for Verifying Library Materials Purchased by Individual Units

Procedures for Verifying Library Materials Purchased by Individual Units

Conducted by: NTU Library Acquisitions Division

Coordinator: Chun-mei Lin

Tel: (02)3366-2304

Application times: Regular working hours


The Library is responsible for the verifications and administrations of the library materials purchased by all units of the university. Each unit should ensure that the purchased materials and their prices match before sending them to the Library for property recording and cataloguing.


    1.Each unit must supply information of the unit name, vendor’s name, invoice date, and price (see table below.) For more details, please contact the Acquisitions Division.

Name of Unit:  
Name of Vendor:  
Invoice Date:  
Price (NT$):  

2.Call the Acquisitions Division to schedule an appointment for verification.

3.On the appointed day, bring the items purchased, along with the original and one copy of the vendor’s proof of purchase (both stamped with the seal of the unit or that of the unit head) and two copies of the list of items purchased, to the Acquisitions Division for verification. For those items purchased under research projects, there should be three copies of the list, and seal of the project director stamped on the vendor’s proof of purchase.

4.Please place all materials and required documents necessary for verification in order.

5.Take the original proof of purchase stamped with the Library’s seal to accounting personnel for reimbursement of the purchase.

6.Please notify the Library of urgent cases, in which materials may be borrowed within seven working days.

7.If any faculty member has an urgent need to acquire library materials for teaching or research purposes, the NTU Accounting Office has this policy: After the requestor obtains the unit’s approval for the book purchases and has the original proof of purchase stamped with the unit seal, reimbursements may be claimed upon inspection of all relevant documents as in disbursement claims. Each claim must not exceed NT$10,000. Personal purchases will not be reimbursed.