Notice on Thesis/Dissertation

Theses/Dissertation Submission and Graduation Procedures

Students applying to graduate must complete the procedures described below :
Undergraduate students
Please log into the「Graduation Procedures Systems」with your NTU Mail ID and password to apply for a review of your library account. If you have returned all the library materials you borrowed and paid the overdue fines, the Library will approve your application, and there will be no need to come to the Library personally.

Graduate students

1. Please refer to the「Master Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation Format Guide」for guidelines on how to format your thesis/Dissertation.
2. Please refer toGuide for Submitting Electronic Theses and dissertationsfor instructions on how to
    (a) convert your thesis/dissertation file into a PDF file
    (b) add the required watermark and DOI to your thesis/dissertation file, and
    (c) set up protection for your PDF file. These steps are obligatory for your e-thesis/dissertation
3. Please log into the Electronic Thesis & Dissertations Service System (ETDS),  fill out the basic information of your thesis/dissertation, upload your PDF file, and select the options for your Copyright License Agreement.
4. After uploading your thesis/dissertation, the Library will review it in two working days. If everything is correct, the system will automatically send an e-mail notification to you. If your thesis/dissertation does not pass the review, the system will send an e-mail notification. Please correct the errors as soon as possible and re-upload the PDF file to ETDS. If you have any questions, you can refer to the ETDS website for further information.
5. When your thesis/dissertation passes the review, the Copyright License Agreement will be sent to your NTU Mail account. Print out the Agreement, sign it, and submit it with your printed thesis/dissertation to the library to start the graduation procedures.
6. Please log into the「Graduation Procedures System」with your NTU Mail ID and password to apply for graduation. You must return all the library materials you borrowed and pay the overdue fines.
7. Submit the printed theses/ dissertations and the Copyright License Agreement form to the Library. 
    According to the COVID-19,
    ※ The deadline of the thesis/dissertation submission for the second semester of Academic Year 2021-2022 is September 30th, 2022 
    ※ Please upload the electronic thesis/dissertation as soon as possible, highly recommend that  uploading your thesis before September 26th 2022.
※ One week before the deadline of thesis/dissertation(2022/9/19(Mon)-2022/9/23(Fri)), According to many students waiting for the thesis
        during this time period, it will take four working days to approve the format check.

    How many copies of printed theses/dissertations graduate students need to submit :
(1) Graduate students of the departments on the Main campus need to submit 2 copies of printed theses/dissertations.
(2) Graduate students of the Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Oceanography, the College of Law and the College of Social Sciences need to submit 3 copies of printed theses/dissertations.
(3)Graduate students of the College of Medicine and the College of Public Health need to submit 2 copies of printed theses/dissertations to the Medical Library.

Thesis/Dissertation Resubmission    
Download「Application Form for Thesis/Dissertation Resubmission

Application for Delaying Public Access to Thesis/Dissertation

 Download 「NTU Application Form for Delaying Public Access to Thesis/Dissertation

Altering Copyright License Authorization
Download 「NTU Application Form for Altering Copyright License Authorization for Thesis/Dissertation

Open hours & Location:

Campuses Library

Open hours Location
Main Library Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00 Circulation desk
Medical Library Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00 Circulation Desk
02-23123456 # 288158