Audiovisual Area

Audiovisual Area



The audiovisual area is equipped with two-person seats intended for watching/listening to the audiovisual materials with public performance rights.


NTU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and visitors.

Usage guidelines

  1. Advance reservations are not available.
  2. Patrons who wish to use a seat in the audiovisual area must first visit the service counter to check out audiovisual materials with public performance rights. Afterward, patrons shall select a seat in person through the Library’s Space Management System (the check-in machine) and then use the designated seat.
  3. Seats may be used for a maximum of four hours. Those who wish to continue using the area after their session ends may use the system to select another seat if available. After they are done, patrons shall return the audiovisual materials to the service counter. Audiovisual materials may not be removed from the Library.
  4. Patrons are required to sign off through the same system when they finish using a seat. Upon a patron’s departure from the Library during the booking period, space reserved by the patron will be released, and any personal items that remain may be removed by the Library, which disclaims any responsibility for safeguarding such items.
  5. For more details: NTU Library Directives Governing Space Usage at the Digital Media Commons.

Seating Arrangement


Service Introduction






Audiovisual collection - Blu-ray Disc/ Region free DVD

  • Blu-ray Disc Player

To play Blu-ray Disc, DVD, VCD


Traditional audiovisual materials – VHS/ Cassette/ CD

  • DVD Player
  • CD/LD Player
  • Cassette Player
  • Video Cassette Recorder Player

To play DVD, VCD, CD, VHS and cassette tapes


Vinyl records

  • Turntable

To play vinyl records


DVD (Region 1/2/3)

  • Desktop computer
    (Region 3 - A15, 16, 17/ Region 2 - A18/ Region 1 - A19)
  • External Optical Drive

To play DVD, VCD, CD


How to book a seat

Step 1. Borrow videos with public performance rights or audio CDs of the library collection at the service counter.

Step 2. Go to the 1F check-in machine and select ‘Book a Seat’.



Step 3. Log in with your Library card (by tapping the card, scanning card barcode, or the QR code of the NTU mobile library card).



Step 4. Please select a category according to your requirement (the type of materials.)


Step 5. After reading the instructions and prompts, please click on 'Designated Seat' and select the seat on the floor plan.



Step 6. Please verify the seat information and be mindful of the end time. Click 'OK' to complete the seat reservation, and you can proceed to use the seat and equipment.

✩Please sign off through the same system when you finish using. Upon your departure from the Library during the booking period, the seat reserved will be released.



  • Patrons shall help keep the environment clean and use the Library’s instruments and equipment with care. Patrons shall be held liable for indemnification for loss of or damage to Library instruments or equipment resulting from inappropriate use.
  • Matters related to the borrowing of audiovisual materials held by the Library shall be subject to the Library’s Borrowing Rules, and other violations shall be handled in accordance with the Library’s Regulations Governing the Handling of Patron Violations.