Reimbursements for Overseas Purchases of Library Materials by Academic Staff

Reimbursements for Overseas Purchases of Library Materials by Academic Staff
Passed December 14, 2004, at the 193rd NTU Library Committee Meeting

Article 1. Reimbursements are processed according to the University Reimbursement Policy.

Article 2. Internet purchases of overseas materials are applicable to this policy.

Article 3. Acquisitions Expenditure

  1. When expenditure is not for personal research projects, permission must be obtained from the director of the relevant university department or institute before claiming reimbursement.
  2. Purchases over NT$10,000 and under NT$100,000 can be made with university disbursements provided all purchases to be made are clearly specified. Please see the NTU Expenditure Policy.

Article 4. Restrictions on Expenditures

  1. For reimbursement claims for department or institute expenditures, please avoid acquiring duplicates (materials of the same title, author, publisher, and version.) Before making any purchases, please search the NTU library online catalog:*cht/Y
  2. Books and materials with copyright restrictions, etc., should not be purchased.
  3. Please do not subscribe to journals, except for special issues or back issues not available in the Library.
  4. Books and materials purchased must be new without any markings or scribbled notes. Exceptions are made for rare and out-of-print books.
  5. The university will not reimburse purchases that were not made in accordance with this policy or if no proof of purchase can be shown.

Article 5. Proof of Purchase

When claiming for reimbursement, please present the receipt and specify all purchases and relevant information. Regulations include:

  1. Proof of purchase must include name of vendor and address, list of items purchased, prices for items and total sum, and invoice or receipt with date of purchase.
  2. When proof of purchase does not specify details, all purchased items must be listed and then signed by the authorized representative of the vendor.
  3. When items listed on the same receipt must be reimbursed under different expenditure categories, a Separate Expenditure Form must be filled out. Items bought for personal use will not be reimbursed, and must be noted if listed together with library materials on the same receipt.
  4. If no receipt was made available, written authorization must be obtained from the first-level director, and a Proof of Expenditure Form must be filled out.