Intercampus Loan Services

National Taiwan University Library Intercampus Loan Service

The Intercampus Loan Service is a free service that provides access to those NTU library materials not located at the requestor's primary campus library.


Current NTU faculty, staff, and students are eligible for the Intercampus Loan Service, except for those who are limited to borrowing from one library.

Scope of the Intercampus Loan Service:

  1. Materials in the Main Library (including the department libraries, ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) Service Center and the Social Sciences College Library on the Main Campus) and the Medical Library with the circulation status of “AVAILABLE” are covered by this service.
  2. Only intercampus requests accepted. If a patron requests an item located on the same campus they are on, the request will be denied.
  3. Materials in the Multimedia Center and course reserve items in the Medical library are NOT covered by this service.


How to Make a Request

  1. Click here to go to the NTU Library Intercampus Loan Service System, or sign in SLIM (System for Library Information Management of NTU Library), find the item you wish to request , and click on this icon<校內圖書代借服務 Intercampus Loan Service>at the bottom of the bibliographical page.
  2. Log into the Intercampus Loan Service System with your NTU account, and fill in your personal information to activate your Intercampus Loan account. For those without an NTU account, please click “Sign Up,” fill in your personal information, and wait for an approval letter to be sent to your email before logging into the system.
  3. After you logged into the Intercampus Loan Service System, click “Intercampus Loan Request Form,” fill in the barcode of the item you wish to request, and click “Fill in bibliographic information automatically.” Once the whole form is filled out, press “Submit” to send your request.
  4. The average time for processing and delivering requested materials is 3 working days after request.
  5. You will be notified by email when your requests are available for pickup. To pick up the requested items, please go to the circulation desk of your primary campus library in person with your NTU ID card. Please pick up the requested items within 3 days, or they will be returned to their original location.



  1. Besides picking up the request book at the library, full-time faculty members on the Main Campus can also have the requested items delivered to their department offices. Because the delivery service is fee-based (NT$10 for each book), full-time faculty members have to deposit at least NT$100 in their Intercampus Loan account in advance before using this service (deposits should be made at the Main Library Circulation Desk, 8:20-17:00, Mon. – Fri.). The delivery fees will be deducted from these deposits.
  2. The loan period of items requested through the Intercampus Loan Service is the same as the loan period of items you borrow the regular way. However, the requested items will be checked out into your library account the day they are sent out from their original location.
  3. There is a limit of 10 requests per month per requestor, except for full-time faculty members.
  4. Your Intercampus Loan privileges will be suspended for six months if you fail to pick up the request items up to 2 times.
  5. According to library policies, NTU library staff has the authority to cancel Intercampus Loan requests when the need arises.


Pickup Locations and Hours:





Main Library

1F circulation desk

Mon - Sat 8:20-21:30
Sun 8:20-16:45
Winter/summer breaks:
Mon - Fri 8:20-20:45
Sat - Sun 8:20-16:45

Medical Library

1F circulation desk

Mon - Fri 8:30-21:30
Winter/summer breaks:
Mon -Thu 8:30-20:30
Fri 8:30-16:30