Regulations Governing the Borrowing and Usage of Books by Alumni

Regulations Governing the Borrowing and Usage of Books by Alumni

October 16, 2001  Passed by the 126th Library Affairs Meeting
September 09, 2004  Amended and passed by the 188th Library Affairs Meeting
May 08, 2007  Amended and passed by the 238th Library Affairs Meeting
June 12, 2007  Amended and passed by the 2,484th Administrative Meeting
October 16, 2018  Amended and passed by the 486th Library Affairs Meeting
November 20, 2018  Amended and passed by the NTU Library Committee at its 1st meeting, Academic Year 2018–19
December 04, 2018  Amended and passed by the 3,022nd Administrative Meeting
Article 1 The National Taiwan University (NTU or “the University”) Library (“the Library”) formulates the NTU Library Regulations Governing the Borrowing and Usage of Books by Alumni ("the Regulations") to extend book borrowing and usage privileges to alumni of the University.
Article 2 To access the NTU Library, alumni of the University must first apply for an alumni card from the NTU Alumni Center. Alumni with a valid alumni card may enter the Library and, except during a semester’s exam weeks, the Study Room located on the B1 floor of the Main Library.
Article 3 NTU Alumni who wish to borrow books from the Library shall present their alumni card at the Main Library to apply for book borrowing privileges. (Those who are unable to do so in person may sign an authorization letter and ask a third party to apply on their behalf.) A security deposit of NT$3,000 and an annual fee of NT$1,000 shall be paid, after which, for a period of one year, such alumni will be granted the privilege to borrow books.
Article 4 NTU Alumni may request a refund of the security deposit at any time. The Library will first confirm that all books borrowed have been returned (and all outstanding overdue fines settled), after which it will refund the security deposit without interest. The refund method shall be subject to applicable regulations of the University. Book borrowing privileges will be revoked immediately upon refund of the security deposit. Under no circumstances may the annual fee be refunded.
Article 5 NTU alumni are entitled to one year of book borrowing privileges beginning on the date of application, upon expiration of which they may pay the following year’s annual fee to renew their privileges. NTU alumni must settle all outstanding overdue fines before they may apply to renew their book borrowing privileges.
Article 6 NTU alumni with book borrowing privileges may present their alumni card to check out books from any Library branch/location in accordance with the applicable provisions set forth in the Library’s Borrowing Rules.
Article 7 Beginning on August 1, 2006, the Library shall no longer issue an alumni library card. However, NTU alumni with an already issued card will be granted a lifetime privilege to enter the Library and read books in the Library. Books may not be checked out of the Library, however. The Library no longer offers replacements for lost alumni library cards. NTU alumni who have lost their library card may contact the NTU Alumni Center to request an alumni card instead.
Article 8 Matters not addressed herein shall be subject to the Library’s Borrowing Rules and General Rules.
Article 9 The Regulations shall be passed by the Administrative Meeting and then implemented on the date of promulgation.